It requires regular aircon maintenance and support for aircon cleaning in order to ensure your aircon will maintain a conducive environment in your HDB apartment or commercial space.

If your aircon is not performing to its optimal potential, there is certainly something faulty going on inside its components. Aircon units’ performance will continue to deteriorate if you do not hire an expert to recognize the root of the cause.

Many people are using aircon units in their homes and offices in Singapore. People need these appliances to ensure Singapore’s humid climate will not cause too much discomfort. People often opt to conduct air conditioner cleaning on their own. They think it will help them in saving money but quite often they end up by increasing the issues. It is literally difficult for any common user to know how to clean different components of the air conditioner to improve its efficiency. That’s why you need the support of a professional air conditioner cleaning service in Singapore.

Signs indicating that you need an aircon cleaning service

Many people in Singapore would hesitate to call an aircon cleaning company because they do not know when their AC requires a quick cleaning and maintenance job. Just like any other electrical device, aircon units also show some signs of poor performance. Recognize these signs to know when to call a professional for AC cleaning and maintenance.

  • Your aircon’s cooling capacity is reducing:

Every newly installed aircon cools the targeted space very quickly. Its cooling performance decreases with every passing week. Its cooling capacity can get too poor if you do not pay attention to aircon maintenance. You should contact an expert for aircon cleaning in Singapore and let him clear all the impurities. The cleaning job should reveal some unknown issues affecting the performance of your air conditioner.

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  • The aircon is creating weird noises:

An air conditioner starts generating weird noises when some issues are affecting the smooth functionality of aircon’s internal component. It requires a quick check and quick fix if you want to improve the lifespan of your AC. Those noises will get more irritating if you do not get your aircon cleaned as soon as possible.

  • A sudden shut down:

Some aircon units suddenly stop working because the users did not pay attention to the maintenance job. A sudden shut down can occur due to many reasons such as a dirty evaporator, dirty filter, loose wirings, and so on. The best aircon cleaning Singapore company would open your aircon unit, clean its components and then try to turn it on. Most probably it will run smoothly if the issue was caused by dirty AC components. It might require further repair work if sudden shut down was caused by a faulty component.

  • Increasing power bills:

More advanced air conditioners are designed to be more power-efficient than previous models. Most residents in Singapore are very smart and they always invest their money in highly power-efficient aircon units. However, poor maintenance can also affect the performance of a highly power-efficient air conditioner. Your electricity bills can get expensive with every passing month if you do not clean and repair your AC. It will be a pretty daunting situation because poorly maintained air conditioners consume a lot more power than a regularly cleaned aircon.

  • Your aircon is producing bad odour:

Although a lot of causes affect the air quality of an AC unit, dirty air filters and airways are mainly responsible for smelly air that may carry germs and lead to health issues. If your aircon was not cleaned properly for a long time, it will release stinky and contaminated air in your room. It is a big sign that your aircon unit needs a quick cleaning otherwise its performance will decrease with time.

All these signs indicate that your aircon need quick repair work and cleaning job. Any further delay will cause more troubles and that’s the sign that you should contact Canny Cleaning Services Singapore for an aircon cleaning service.

First of all, regular aircon cleaning is mandatory and you cannot avoid it for too long if you want to experience the following benefits:

  • Affordable power bills:

Increasing power bills can frustrate anybody. It does not mean you should stop running the aircon in your house, commercial business, or office. It is one of the most basic needs if you want to maintain a comfortable environment in your office or home. Call Canny Cleaning Services Singapore for regular aircon cleaning and maintenance at reasonable rates. We will ensure all the components of your AC are clean to ensure smooth functioning.

  • Better performance:

The AC units are designed to perform great only if you pay attention to their regular maintenance needs. If you forget to call us for regular aircon cleaning and maintenance, your aircon’s performance will decrease with time and it will eventually consume more power than it used to before.

  • No bad odour:

Our cleaners know why an aircon starts producing a bad odour. Dirt, dust, and smoke particles constantly accumulate within the air conditioner which starts contaminating the air. Eventually, your aircon starts producing bad odour. We can help you to prevent that bad odour and keep your air conditioner unit clean all the time.

  • Increased air quality:

Many people install air conditioning units mainly to get fresh air, even if the outer environment is not as clean as it should be. Air conditioners start releasing poor quality air only when you do not hire a professional aircon cleaner for cleaning its internal components. Contact us right now and we will send the best aircon cleaning team to clean your AC units and improve the air quality.

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Benefits of regular aircon cleaning

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