Tenants usually expect that their landlords to provide a perfectly clean home before they move in. Since it does not happen all the time, you might need to find ways to tackle this issue.

Move in cleaning:

It takes a lot of time to pack all your belongings before moving. You need at least two days to pack everything you own and then you will have to search for movers to ship your belongings to a new house. Although it will take a lot of time, you may also need to deep clean the house before you leave. It will help you in taking your security deposit money back.

You may not like to do that exhausting cleaning work by yourself but your landlord might cut a lot of money for cleaning. Therefore, you should plan to hire the best move out cleaning Singapore service. It is beneficial for both tenants and property owners because you can save your time and keep the property ready for the new tenants.

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Both moving and cleaning would be too much for any person. Our move in cleaning services is designed to prevent tenants from wasting time on cleaning. We understand that you do not want to get tired again and therefore our professional cleaners handle the whole cleaning job. Our cleaners will:

  • Dust the whole house along with the furniture and appliances
  • Clean and mop all the cabinets
  • Clean your kitchen
  • Scrub toilets and the walls in your toilet
  • Clean the countertops and sinks
  • Clean all the appliances in your house
  • Vacuum and mop all the floors in your house

It will not take a long time but our cleaners will turn a dusty and cluttered house into a perfectly cleaned and fresh property. Thus, you can get an impressive space to start a new journey in Singapore.

move in cleaning canny cleaning services singapore wm

Move out cleaning:

At Canny Cleaning Services Singapore, we specialize in handover cleaning Singapore. Once you are moved to a new house and do not want your previous landlord to charge a lot of money for cleaning, you can contact us. Cleaning an empty house is much easier than cleaning a house with current tenants in it. Our professionals will provide the same support and spruce up the whole house before you handover the keys to your landlord. You will pay quite an economical price for move out cleaning and get your whole deposit money back.

Why choose Canny Cleaning Service Singapore?

Many cleaning services charge a very expensive price for home cleaning in Singapore. You might not be comfortable with paying a lot of money just for cleaning, especially if you have spent a lot of money on moving. We understand this situation very well and therefore our move in/out cleaning charges are very economical. We believe in making your life easier, healthier, and more comfortable. That’s why we assign only experienced and skilled cleaners when a client hires us for domestic cleaning work.

With several cleaning projects in the books, Canny Cleaning Services Singapore is guaranteed to bring only highly experienced housekeepers to our clients’ spaces. We have worked tirelessly to clean different houses and commercial spaces in Singapore for the past few years as seen from our positive reviews.

handover cleaning singapore canny cleaning services singapore wm

We offer a variety of cleaning services from house cleaning, one-time cleaning, weekly house cleaning, part-time maid, part-time cleaner, move in/move out cleaning, post renovation cleaning, spring cleaning, office cleaning, commercial cleaning, floor cleaning, window cleaning, carpet cleaning and aircon cleaning. As our cleaning services are available all over Singapore at affordable prices, we offer hassle-free booking made possible by our team of friendly customer service staff. While you’re at it, learn more about the ins and outs of cleaning in our blogpost articles.

Too busy for any DIY cleaning? Contact us now at +65 6232 6915 or email us at enquiry@cannycleaning.com.


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