There are many countries where the concept of spring cleaning is pretty popular. People simply believe that spring offers a fresh start in the New Year and it is the time when you should spruce of the whole property to ensure prosperity and better health throughout the whole year.

The concept of spring cleaning is pretty simple, clean the whole house in a way that no clutter, no dust, and no stain will be left in your house. It is obvious that everyone cannot take at least two days off from work for cleaning. Therefore, hiring one of the best spring cleaning services in Singapore is the best option.

Providing satisfying support for spring cleaning in Singapore:

Singapore is a country where all kinds of festivals are celebrated by different communities every year. Most of the residents in this beautiful city remain busy in their jobs and business. Therefore, they get very little time for cleaning. It is our top priority to help these people in sprucing up their houses before the festival. So, whether you want to clean your house before Christmas, Eid, or Diwali, we are here to help you in cleaning your home.

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Our spring cleaning Singapore service includes deep cleaning of the whole house. You can contact our service representatives and schedule the cleaning work on a suitable time. We supply only experienced and skilled cleaners. Our staff will assess the whole house, prepare a cleaning plan, and then start the deep cleansing procedure.

We are going to dust all the furniture, vacuum floors, mop the floors, dust electrical appliances, ceilings, and all the rooms in your house to remove dust, dirt, clutter, and germs. We promise to deliver high-quality cleaning service and our clients admire the way we proceed safely without using any harmful cleaning agent as seen in our previous cleaning projects.

What do we offer?

There are different spring cleaning packages in which we provide a variety of cleaning services.

We specialize in domestic cleaning but we never ask our clients to pay too expensive fees for our support.

Our spring cleaning packages include the following services:

  • Vacuuming and mopping all the rooms
  • Wiping door jams and skirting boards
  • Cleaning dust, litter, cobwebs, and dirt from all the rooms in your home
  • Dusting and cleaning windows and grilles
  • Cleaning dishes, cabinets, sink, countertop, and cabinets in your kitchen
  • Cleaning and wiping all the electrical appliances in your home
  • Scrubbing and disinfecting bathroom tiles, toilet sheet, and sink
  • Wiping and polishing all the mirrors in your home
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As a top-rated housekeeping Singapore company, Canny Cleaning Services Singapore offers a variety of cleaning works in our spring cleaning package at a reasonable price. You can also contact us for one-time cleaning or weekly cleaning services.

We always remain in touch with our clients to ensure they are satisfied with our support. You can immediately contact us if you are not satisfied with our cleaning team. We will immediately work to resolve your issues and provide an outstanding experience. We believe in delivering customer-oriented cleaning solutions and that’s why we are one of the fastest growing cleaning companies in Singapore.

spring cleaning services singapore canny cleaning services singapore

Choose Canny Cleaning Services Singapore

With several cleaning projects in the books, Canny Cleaning Services Singapore is guaranteed to bring only highly experienced cleaners to our clients’ spaces. We have worked tirelessly to clean different houses and commercial spaces in Singapore for the past few years as seen from our positive reviews.

We offer a variety of cleaning services from house cleaning, one-time cleaning, weekly house cleaning, part-time maid, part-time cleaner, move in/move out cleaning, post renovation cleaning, spring cleaning, office cleaning, commercial cleaning, floor cleaning, window cleaning, carpet cleaning and aircon cleaning. As our cleaning services are available all over Singapore at affordable prices, we offer hassle-free booking made possible by our team of friendly customer service staff. While you’re at it, learn more about the ins and outs of cleaning in our blogpost articles.

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