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House cleaning can be stressful, especially if you do not have enough free time from work to sanitize your house.

Although it is tough to get free time, you need to ensure your house is clean so that your family members will be free from health-related issues. It can be a pleasing and satisfying job if you focus on using the best house cleaning techniques.

Homeowners hire a professional cleaning company in Singapore because professional cleaners perform a much better job than most people. However, you can follow their tips to get the same results by putting your efforts into cleaning.

Here are some cleaning tips from a professional cleaning company:

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1. Replace normal clothes with microfiber cloth to clean surfaces

Ask any professional cleaner, he would always prefer using microfiber cloth over a sponge or a regular cloth. It is their favourite cleaning tool for many great reasons. Cleaning electrical appliances, floor, furniture, and other things become very easy when you are using microfiber. Its quick-drying capacity also makes microfiber clothes more useful.

2. Clean spilled water and food quickly in the kitchen

Your kitchen should always be clean and hygienic if you want to prepare healthy meals. Do not let spilled water, milk, soup, and other edible products stay on the countertops. It can quickly turn into tough stains that will be more difficult to clean. Use a wiper or cloth to clean the countertops immediately.

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3. Use baking soda to clean tough stains

If you want to keep your kitchen clean and sanitized, baking soda would be a great cleaning solution as used in most of our cleaning projects. Use it to remove spilled food products immediately. It will help you in removing tough messes very quickly and then you can focus on other important jobs in your kitchen. Sprinkle a moderate amount of baking soda on the countertop and rub it to sanitize the countertop quickly every day.

4. Clean your bathroom at least three times every week

The bathroom is one of the most widely ignored rooms in the houses. You should not leave your bathroom dirty for a long time. It will not only allow germs to thrive but also reduce the visual appeal of your washroom. Focus on details and clean often forgettable elements such as faucets, narrow passages, area below the bathtub, inner edges of the toilet sheet to keep it clean all the time. That’s what professional house cleaning service providers do when they clean your bathroom.

5. Squeeze the wiper more often while cleaning

Many people forget to squeeze the wiper while wiping tiled walls, floors, and countertops. You should develop a great habit of squeezing the wiper before you us it again to clean other areas.

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6. Call professional cleaners if you do not have enough time for cleaning

You should always contact a reliable cleaning company whenever you find yourself with not enough time to clean your house. Doing so will ensure that your house is cleaned properly and no germs can accumulate around your area. At reasonable prices, you can expect a house that’s spick and span as well as bacteria-free. Moreover, several cleaning companies over routine, weekly cleaning services that will keep your house clean on a more regular basis.

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